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Rental FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the capacity of the Castle?
Capacity for any indoor event is 125 and outdoor events can accommodate more guests based on location. There are a variety of configurations depending on your event. For example - Theatre style seating in our Music Room and Balcony combined seats 60 people. Floor plans will be created by the Rental Coordinator. 

Can we bring in our own food and beverages?
All food and beverages of any kind must be provided by one of the Castle’s preferred caterers. Absolutely no outside food or beverages are allowed for any event. 

Are there rooms available for pre-event preparation?
Outdoor-only ceremonies or events, a dressing room is available for a fee. Indoor ceremonies or events include a dressing room as a part of your package.

What staff is provided with my rental before and on the day of the event?
The Joslyn Castle home is rented as a location only. We do not provide an event coordinator. The client is responsible for booking and coordinating all vendors. All clients must have someone present during the entire event, from property arrival to property exit time, to make sure that all policies are followed by vendors and guests.  Some clients hire an outside event coordinator to manage relationships with the caterers and rental companies as that coordination is not something we offer.

Security must be present at all events and will be scheduled by the Rental Coordinator at the client’s expense. Because we take security seriously, please know that you are responsible for your vendors and for the conduct of your invited guests, and any breach of security or safety regulations may result in the cancellation of your event, or the removal of guests. 

Castle docents will be scheduled by the Rental Coordinator at the client's expense.

What services does the rental fee include?
Rental includes set up of Castle-owned tables and chairs for indoor events. Any items for outside use must be rented at the client's expense. 

Are other events scheduled on the same day?
The Castle may be rented to more than one client in a day, however events will never overlap. Please be mindful of this in planning the time you will need for set up and tear down.

What is your alcohol policy?
Due to state liquor regulations, all beverage service must go through one of the Castle’s preferred caterers. Absolutely no outside alcohol is allowed on the Joslyn Castle property – including outdoor and in personal vehicles. Should outside alcohol be brought onto the grounds this will result in the forfeiture of your damage deposit and possible termination of your event. It is the user’s responsibility to inform all guests and vendors of this policy.

Are there adequate restroom facilities?
For indoor events, there are two women’s rooms and two men’s rooms provided. For outdoor-only events, indoor restrooms are made available for an additional fee.

Are there any other restrictions we need to know about?
We are located in the historic Joslyn Castle neighborhood. Outdoor events must end at 9:00PM and indoor events must end at 11:30PM.

What is your cancellation policy?
All sales are final and non-refundable. If Joslyn Castle chooses to cancel an event or is required to do so by government restrictions or any other reason, we will work with you to refund or reschedule your ticket.

How far in advance should we reserve a date for our event?
The Castle is booked according to availability, however, keep in mind that many events are booked well in advance (9-12 months is the general rule).

Are pets allowed at your facilities?
Service animals are allowed at the Castle. Pets are not allowed inside the Castle.

Does your event location have overnight accommodations?
No, but accommodations are available nearby.

Does the Castle have climate control?
The Castle is equipped with a boiler/chiller system. The air/temperature inside the Castle may not be compatible with the temperature outside due to unseasonable weather. 

What decor restrictions exist indoors?

  • Candles with open flames are NOT allowed. Only LED candles are allowed and must be provided by the client.
  • No confetti, glitter, rice, beads, feathers, fireworks, or lanterns are allowed inside or outside of the Castle.
  • Real flower petals may only be used outside, and artificial petals inside.
  • Nails, tacks, screws, glue, staples, or tape may not be used on any surface of the Castle.
  • No items may be hung from any walls, ceilings, or chandeliers.
  • No pictures, furniture, or artifacts belonging to the Castle may be moved or removed at any time.
  • All real flower arrangements must be placed on approved plastic or glass so as not to damage wood surfaces.

What restrictions exist for outdoor decor or items to toss upon departure?

  • Silk flower petals, confetti, silly string and glitter are not allowed.
  • Please do not use sparklers or rice upon departure.
  • Bubbles or bird seed are allowed.

What kitchen amenities are available?
The kitchen is for use by our preferred caterers only. Only Castle staff and caterers are allowed in the kitchen. 

What is the day of rental time policy?
Rental time is property arrival time to property exit time, to include all set up and tear down. Weekday rental rates begin at a two hour minimum, including set up and tear down, with additional hours pro-rated and approved in advance. Standard rental rates cover 4 – 6 hours (depending on the event) including set up and teardown. All outdoor events must end by 9PM and indoor events must end by 11:30PM.

Who is in charge of cleanup?
Please clear the Castle and grounds of all belongings, decorations, rental items and waste before your property departure time.

Waste may be disposed of by the client and/or vendors in Castle provided, on-site containers. 

Additional questions? Contact our Special Events Manager Meg Welch at