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Local Author Celebration Series: Ami Polite

Wednesday, May 15, 2024
5:30 pm7:00 pm

Castle & Cathedral District presents:

Local Author Celebration Series Featuring Ami Polite, author of "Garden My Hair"

Where: Carriage House on the Joslyn Castle & Garden Grounds (3902 Davenport Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68131)
When: WED MAY 15 from 5:30 to 7:00 (Doors open at 5pm)
What: All ages event

How do you combine the love and art of gardening, haircare and music? You make a growing mixtape. Garden My Hair is a memoir/manual/mixtape cultivated by gardener Ami Polite. From a small sprout in the middle of the South Bronx of New York to maturing in the wide-open Great Plains of Nebraska in the late 90s and early 2000s, Ami took her frustrations of midwest living and natural haircare and directed it toward gardening. Twenty years later of pulling braids and weeds, she has enough energy in her fingers to pen her personal thoughts and observations, that not only are relatable, humorous, passionate but doable. This mix will have you watering your hair, giving your garden a Hi-Five and doing the one-two step all at the same time.

About Ami Polite:
Ami gardens in the Great Plains of the United States. She gardens for the best and the brightest in Omaha loving plants belonging to those who have busy lives. She freely volunteers, travels solo, joyfully dabbles in foreign languages, and finds the best global music. If you have a beautiful garden that escapes to the sidewalk, Ami will stalk it and love it.

Trugs and her faithful Hori Hori knife are her favorite workmates. She lives with Giselle the Ponytail Palm, Thor the Christmas Cactus, Sasha the Sansevieria and Vera her thick Aloe.