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Support the Joslyn Castle

Sarah Joslyn declared, "The possession of great wealth is a great trust and obligation." If Nebraskans are looking for role models in the 21st Century, they need look no further than George and Sarah Joslyn, who may have been the wealthiest in the region, but gave far more than their fortune back to the community.

Today, the Joslyn Castle honors the legacy of our founders by preserving their historic home and providing high-caliber cultural programming for the region. We cannot do this without the support of our community. 

Whether it's through volunteerism, attending a Joslyn Castle program, or making a monetary commitment to our mission, we are deeply grateful to the individuals who continue to make Omaha's historic treasure shine.

Special Thank You to our 2017 Castle Conservators
  • Steward

    Ethel S. Abbott Charitable Foundation

  • Stakeholder

    The Mammel Foundation
    Dan and Shirley Neary

  • Preservationist

    Bruce and Gerry Lauritzen

  • Caretaker

    Carol Gendler
    Dr. Mike and Kathy Gross
    Dr. Ted and Polly Hoff
    Tim and Janna Holland
    George Kleine
    Sharon McGill
    The McGowan Family
    Todd and Betiana Simon
    Paul and Annette Smith
    Ann and Gene Spence
    Anne Thorne Weaver